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Backlog of the Project Hessdalen 2. guestbook

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Project Hessdalen - Guestbook old 2.
From 24.06.1996 to 31.12.1996

Date: Tue Dec 31 21:32:12 MET 1996
Name: Gidi (GSX750R) ( at


Date: Wed Dec 25 18:43:08 MET 1996



Date: Tue Dec 24 22:09:16 MET 1996
Name: Ole-Morten Vestby ( at

Subject: Hei, Erling

Nå har jeg fått meg e-mail selv! Når kommer filmen deres på Discovery etc? Send en mail tilbake! Hilsen Ole-Morten Vestby ( AFGM

Date: Tue Dec 17 19:31:58 MET 1996
Name: france st-laurent () at

Subject: saguenay 1988 nov. earthquake lights

Date: Sun Dec 15 21:13:48 MET 1996
Name: Thomas Gearen ( at

Subject: your home page.......ufo's and related subjects..

12/15/96 Ran across your home page while surfing yahoo. Find it very interesting and will check back from time to time for any up dates..Keep up the good work , you have plenty of fans. Greetings from Tampa, Fl. USA, land of sunshine and shuttle launches. Tom G.

Date: Fri Dec 13 09:47:44 MET 1996
Name: U. FOSS ( at

Subject: UFO-TULL

Jeg har vært i Hessdalen, men har ikke sett en eneste UFO. Det har tydeligvis alle andre som har vært der sett.

Date: Fri Dec 13 09:38:44 MET 1996
Name: U. Foss ( at


Jeg har sett en UFO

Date: Thu Dec 12 09:20:27 MET 1996
Name: Odd Agnar Hov ( at


Date: Sat Nov 30 20:27:52 MET 1996
Name: David Delcò ( at

Subject: Greetings

Hi, I visited your WWW page and I find it very intrested, greetings from Switzerland. David

Date: Tue Nov 26 19:50:53 MET 1996
Name: Christy L. Hynek (0316gsh@InforMNs.k12.MN.US) at msp82-8.nas.MR.Net

Subject: Mr. Hynek's siblings...

My grandfather, Stanley Hynek, tells me that Allen Hynek was my great grandfather's brother. I have never heard of the name Hynek referred to anyone unless it was relative. I guess what I hope to find is someone who knows of Allen's children. Where are they?

Date: Tue Nov 26 00:44:17 MET 1996
Name: Noj ( at

Subject: photograph

Greetings! I am an independant collector of ufo photographs after 1990. Recently I came about a photograph of a ufo that was labeled "Norway, Hessdalen, september 15, 1994." Can you verify that a photo exists for this date? If so, have you been able to disprove its status as authentic? If you could tell me anything about the photo it would be a big help. I'm not sure I understand how to send photos via e-mail, but I will try if you wish. Thanks a lot and Happy gazing. Noj

Date: Mon Nov 18 18:31:59 MET 1996
Name: Jan Ahl ( at

Subject: Hessdalen.

Hej Erling var några år sedan vi träffades uppe i Hessdalen.( 84) Men jag brukar kollar vad ni har för er där uppe. Med vänliga hälsningar från Jan Ahl. ps hälsa alla andra som var mäd..ds

Date: Mon Nov 18 18:17:42 MET 1996
Name: Jan Ahl ( at

Subject: Hessdalen.

Hej Erling var några år sedan vi träffades uppe i Hessdalen. Men jag kollar vad ni har för er där uppe. Med vänliha hälsningar från Jan Ahl.

Date: Tue Nov 12 15:26:08 MET 1996
Name: Mikael Ivarsson () at


Mycket bra WEB-site !!! Very good WEB-site !!!

Date: Sun Nov 10 13:47:23 MET 1996
Name: Mads Drange ( at

Subject: Særoppgåve

Kjempe-interessant side. SEND MEG STOFF NÅ.

Date: Thu Nov 7 13:41:01 MET 1996
Name: Andy Burnham ( at

Subject: Equinox

Excellent TV Program Very Interesting Andy Burnham TLH Subscriber

Date: Sun Nov 3 23:30:34 MET 1996
Name: K. Philip Harrison ( at

Subject: Rock plasma energy effects on the brain

I saw your work mentioned in the UK Channel 4 Documentary tonight and must write to add my support to your work. I do remember some years ago coming across a science project which was examining the effects of rock plasma discharges and the proposal that there may be a link with imminent seismic activity. A number of cases were proposed of people being hit by the energy balls which caused deep hallucinations - historically, these hallucinations were of angels; in more modern times, they recorded alien abductions. I wonder if there is much work on the historical interpretation of plasma phenomena available? The existence of these energy activities offers a rich source of study with many useful implications. I will follow your work with interest.

Date: Sun Oct 27 17:14:27 MET 1996
Name: Odd-GunnarRøed ( at

Subject: ufo

Date: Wed Oct 23 14:13:31 MET 1996
Name: Odd-Gunnar Roed ( at


Date: Tue Oct 22 19:13:08 MET 1996
Name: Gunther Schnell ( at

Subject: Ta kontakt.

Vi er en liten gruppe folk her fra Oslo-området som har tenkt oss en tur opp til Hessdalen for å få tatt oss en liten titt på dette fenomenet. Hvis noen har lyst til å hive seg på er det bare å sende en E-mail til: Hadde jo vært spennende å dele litt erfaringer og tanker om dette interresante tema. Planen er å få tatt en liten ekspedisjon en gang i slutten av november. Fortsatt lykke til med prosjektet.

Date: Tue Oct 22 12:12:06 MET 1996
Name: linda johnsen ( at

Subject: Flott arbeid folkens!!!

Ville bare stikke innom og si at det er flott noen tar seg tid til å studere slike fenomener. Jeg har lenge vært interesser i emnet, men har dessverre aldri fått sjansen til å se noe selv. Jeg er også trønder, og lever liksom i håpet om at noen av "lysene" fra Hessdalen skal ta seg en tur nordover til mine hjemtrakter. Men det eneste jeg har sett av lys på himmelen er fly (som går inn for landing på Værnes) og satelitter. Men den som lever han får se!! Håper bare dere kommer litt nærmere svaret der oppe!! Keep up the good work!!!

Date: Mon Oct 21 14:53:10 MET 1996
Name: Gunnar stubsveen (hæ...Jeg er redd for flammer..) at

Subject: Get off the net!!!!! :8*(?"#¤#"¤% NOW!

Skriv UFO på altavista og voila 50000 treff.... er det virkelig nødvendig og fylle opp nettet med enda mere søppel en det er der fra før???? PIGG AV, KASTMASKINEN UT AV VINDUET!!!; FINNPÅ NOE BEDRE MED LIVENE DERES ENN OG LEGGE UT TOTALT MENINGSLØSE SIDER PÅ NETTET OM ET ENDA MERE MENINGSLØST FENOMEN. GET OFF THE NET !!!!

Date: Fri Oct 18 18:19:07 MET 1996
Name: Jørgen Rypdal ( at

Subject: Hilsen

Dette er ei veldig bra side. Stå på med arbeidet....

Date: Thu Oct 17 14:42:47 MET 1996
Name: Nina Ileby ( at


Fortsett den seriøse forskningen. Dette er utrolig spennende!

Date: Mon Oct 14 20:16:15 MET 1996
Name: Trogeir Næve ( at

Subject: UFO

Ønsker tilsendt informasjon

Date: Mon Oct 14 15:23:22 MET 1996
Name: Mr X ( at

Subject: Test


Date: Fri Oct 11 20:25:06 MET 1996
Name: Steinar Svendsen ( at

Subject: A very good page

I think it's about time something like this is reachable in the net. I'm very interested in the Hessdalen phenomenon, and I have followed the search for an explanation in media for years. My personal belief is that we are visited by creatures from other planetsystems or galaxies in outer space. I have seen mysterious moving lights myself in the sky during dark nights, and I have no doubt that it is other species which are watching over us. By the way. Have you seen Independence day? Very good sfx.

Date: Fri Oct 11 18:05:50 MET 1996
Name: Kjell Haugland ( at

Subject: Kommentar

Dette er interessant, men prøv å skrive en mer korrekt norsk. Siden kryr av feil, noe som så avgjort svekker tilliten til arbeidet dere gjør. For eksempel skal Midtnorge ha stor forbokstav, installere skrives ikke med to n-er osv. Bruk et ordrettingsprogram, dette virker dilettantisk. Lykke til med det videre arbeidet.

Date: Sat Oct 5 18:29:44 MET 1996
Name: Arno Ernst ( at

Subject: Infrared Thermography

Have you ever heard about WinTas, the windows package for thermography ?

Date: Tue Oct 1 08:58:46 MET 1996
Name: Terje B. Nilsen () at


Very good !!!!!!

Date: Sun Sep 29 19:29:29 MET 1996
Name: Erling Aagaard ( at

Subject: Hilsen fra utflyttet innflytter

Flott! Bra tekst og fine bilder! Lykke til med turist jakten over nettet.

Date: Sat Sep 28 22:33:56 METDST 1996
Name: andres ( at

Subject: curious

You have many outstanding pictures.I'm very interested in U.F.O ,if you have anymore pictures please send me some Thank You very much,andres

Date: Sat Sep 28 19:36:06 METDST 1996
Name: JON HAGEN () at

Subject: HILSEN


Date: Tue Sep 24 02:41:52 METDST 1996
Name: Drew Simpson ( at

Subject: good work

I'm really interested in U.F.O s

Date: Fri Sep 20 18:50:59 METDST 1996
Name: Sigurd Agnalt ( at

Subject: Godt å se at ting går videre!

Her skjer det jo ting. Hyggelig at det jobbes videre med prosjektet!!! Keep up the good work.

Date: Fri Sep 20 04:25:08 METDST 1996
Name: graeme norgren ( at

Subject: good work

keep up the excellent work on your project. i am very interested in your research. please post your results often. dont be put off by the authorities if they stick their noses into your work. good luck. graeme norgren. waikato university. new zealand.

Date: Thu Sep 19 10:48:34 METDST 1996
Name: Lars Anfinn Steinset ( at


Date: Wed Sep 11 10:00:43 METDST 1996
Name: William E. Diggs ( at


Date: Tue Sep 10 03:24:40 METDST 1996
Name: zahedi ( at

Subject: Hassedalen's lys fenomen

jeg vil gjerne ha mer informasjon om dette fenomen

Date: Mon Sep 9 23:28:26 METDST 1996
Name: John Arne Kvamsaas ( at

Subject: Du tror det ikke før du får se det!

The truth is out there......................................................(there)..

Date: Fri Sep 6 17:12:46 METDST 1996
Name: Juan M. Grados ( at

Subject: Interest

I like to see the phenomenon.

Date: Thu Sep 5 14:56:46 METDST 1996
Name: morten finstad () at


Date: Sun Sep 1 20:06:55 METDST 1996
Name: Nils Kåre Nesvold ( at

Subject: Hjemmesiden

Hei! Det var hyggelig å finne en hjemmeside fra hjemtraktene. Det er også artig å se at den har mange lesere. Det blir spennende å se hvordan hjemmesiden og responsen utvikler seg. Jeg har et par innvendinger. Jeg synes bilder og kart blir alt for smått og nesten ulesbart. Jeg synes også det er kjedelig at en hjemmeside skal inneholde flere språkfeil. Noen eksempler: Armfeldt´s og Hessdalen´s (her skal det ikke være apostrof). Videre heter det to museer og ikke to museum. Et velment råd er å kjøre teksten gjennom en tekstbehandler med stavekontroll. På den måten kan mange feil lukes ut. Lykke til videre! Nils Kåre Nesvold Lillehammer E-mail:

Date: Wed Aug 14 00:26:04 METDST 1996
Name: KM.Tækni-INNsýn ( at

Subject: Svar ved dine spörgsmål

Jeg har (er ejer) et lille firma i Island som beskefter sig með Infraröde strålings målinger på mange forskelige omroder jeg arbedjer også i Danmark m.m. Men hvis Du ved et eller andet inden for infraröde omroder so måt Du endlig skrive til mig og jeg bilver rigtig taknemlig Kærlig hilsen Kristinn M Jonsson

Date: Mon Aug 12 23:22:02 METDST 1996
Name: Wayne Clarke ( at

Subject: Your Project

You have the makings of a good idea. Let it grow and keep it going. I will call again to check on progress. cheers

Date: Sun Aug 11 19:20:54 METDST 1996
Name: Kristinn M Jonsson Firma KM Thermograpi ( at

Subject: thermografi

IR camera oplysninger Kan Du sende til mig oplysninger om de forskellige IR cameraer fra hele verden f.ex AVIO HUGES AGEMA m.m

Date: Fri Aug 9 04:06:34 METDST 1996
Name: Wendy ( at

Subject: UFO's

Knowledge is the key to better understanding?

Date: Wed Jul 31 09:53:55 METDST 1996
Name: Don Nellesen ( at

Subject: Ball of Light in 1974

To whom it may concern, I had an unusual sighting of a large sphere of light in the winter of 1974 in St. Louis, Missouri. The sphere was about 30' in diameter and moved from my left to my right in a straight line with no change in altitude, size, shape, or intensity. About 100 yds away from me. A friend recomended your study to me. If you would like a detailed account please write me.

Date: Tue Jul 23 12:17:23 METDST 1996
Name: monkglen i.e. glen guillory ( at 179.sli4.Communique.Net


Hi...browsed here on a link via YAHOO...this link said, Project Hessdalen has similare subject links as my homepage. This is amazing. I may be from another planet? Or what have I found here, Hanger 51? Did you see INDEPENDENCE DAY? WE COME IN PEACE :)

Date: Tue Jul 16 03:05:58 METDST 1996
Name: Dave Akers ( at

Subject: On-going work.

Dear Erling... I am following your project with a great deal of interest. I do wish more information were available. Dave Akers

Date: Mon Jul 15 03:46:10 METDST 1996
Name: Jostein Hveding ( at

Subject: Hemmelig

Hvorfor er informasjon om flyvende objekter, besøk fra andre verdensrom, og hvorfor skal alt dette som store deler av verden ser med sine egne øyne, men allikevell ikke tør å si hva de har sett være så forferdelig hemmelig? Fordi: - De som sitter og bestemmer over oss, er ikke interessert å miste den makten de har! - Alt som heter religion og økonomi vil falle i grus! - Verden slik vi ser den i dag vil forsvinne, fordi det er ikke dette som vi er så opptatt av, som er så viktig allikevell. - Det er forferdelig viktig av mediene og politikerne (les Byråkratene) spres en masse med desinformasjon, dette p.g.a. de må forberede oss på at det kan være tilfelle allikevell. Dette vet de selvfølgelig. Men de har også en jobb å gjøre !? Hvis det er noen som ikke tror på dette som bl.a Hessdalen Prosjektet dreier seg om, så er det faktiskt så enkelt at du kan reise til Hessdalen og observere for deg selv. Men gjør du det ???????? MÆI...........

Date: Wed Jul 10 07:21:39 METDST 1996
Name: Greg Long ( at

Subject: Information Exchange and Greetings

I am glad to see your web site. I am Greg Long. I authored Examining the Earthlight Theory, a book about the Yakima, Washington sightings, which share characteristics with Hessdalen. I am continuing to research lights. Have you read my book? I believe I may have communicated with Hessdalen observers many years ago. I am interested in remaining in touch with you. Thanks for listening. Greg Long

Date: Tue Jul 2 09:59:54 METDST 1996
Name: Michael Stenmark ( at

Subject: Hessdalen in common

Hello! It is a great initiative to create this web site. Hope that you will maintain the good spirit in the future and update this site with new and exiting information. If anyone have information about the hessdalenpehomena please E-mail me. During my sparetime i´m writing a book with focus on unxeplained phenomena in the scandinavian area. OK! good luck!

Date: Mon Jul 1 05:04:47 METDST 1996
Name: tilden hunt ( at

Subject: ufo

i believe !!!!

Date: Sun Jun 30 07:41:13 METDST 1996
Name: Paul William Roberts ( at

Subject: Lost Knowledge & Ancient Wisdom

Open message: I will be presenting my recent research on "Brahmans, Magi & Essenes" at the Symposium called "Return to the Source" to be held this Sept 27-29 at the Univ Delaware, along with Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Professor Robert Schoch, etc. and wish to make an appeal for images relating to Zoroaster, fire altars, the building of Solomon's temple (versions 1, 2 & 3), and fortified castle-monastries like Qumran or Masada, but anywhere between Israel and Pakistan. I have all the specific images I need, but felt the obligation to provide more visual entertainment. The above can be slides, photos, videos or book illustrations. The right material would receive a generous reaction indeed. Any wishing info on this unique event (mainstream academia hosting heretics) can e-mail: Thanks in advance.

Date: Sun Jun 30 06:10:22 METDST 1996
Name: Don Adams ( at

Subject: Project Hessdalen

Hi; What prompted you to start this project, and can you send me more information about it?

Date: Mon Jun 24 14:30:57 METDST 1996
Name: Erling (eps) at

Subject: Test1

Bare en liten test.

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